What Turns The Black Man On?

There are definite things that I can truly say will turn the black man on. I must also say that on the other hand, the black man is most often misunderstood and misjudged. Some even think that the black man is totally sexually driven and has no real understanding or need for intimacy or emotions. These things could not be further from the truth on any day.

So what can you do to slowly get him in your corner? You can start out by complimenting him when he needs it the most. Remember, as I said previously though, not too much too soon. The bottom line is that when he is treated special at a time when the woman is expected to be against him, that is a major turn on. We all can agree that actions do speak louder than words, so the actions will always be king where this is concerned. For example, who says that the man has to be the first person to initiate intimacy? Take the bull by the horns when he least expects it and blow him away. I don’t mean that literally, but we will touch on that in a later posting. Black men want to be desired just like the woman does. If he feels that you are hungry for him, he will most likely reciprocate in turn. It may even win you some extra bonus under the sheets points….Here is another pointer. Also, a black man is not always turned on by a woman who attends to his every need. Remember that your strength and ability to take care of your own can be very attractive to the strong black man. For the most part, likes do attract, so mirroring his strength could very well draw him closer to you. Be yourself and not the woman you think that he wants you to be.

I am going to link you directly you to a woman who knows a ton about how to rock your flirt game with a man. She truly impressed me with her knowledge and I hope that she can do the same for you. Her link will be added to the next posting….


~ by soulscriber on January 10, 2011.

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